Personal Training

One-on-One training with Active Red is the exercise equivalent of eating at a ‘3 hat’ restaurant – you know you’re getting an ‘A’ plus service from a trainer with extensive knowledge and genuine passion for what they are doing.

From our background of health and exercise research and experience we have come to the conclusion that the training industry needs to be shaken up. Too many clients are being put in dangerous positions, are paying too much money and not receiving the advice nor results from their ‘trainers’ that they deserve.

We take a sensible and thought out approach to working with each of our members that improves not only weight loss and fitness (the basic/boring stuff that so many people seem hooked on today) but the function of your entire body.

We teach you the intricacies of training and exercise so that you take away a valuable skill of strength as opposed to simply having sweat for the sake of it.

Active Red has been responsible for assisting people from all walks of life to achieve great results with their training. We have helped professional athletes overcome injuries and improve their performance, we give people with disabilities a new found confidence in their bodies and we show you how your body can reach peak performance despite any restrictions you think you may have.

Our One-on-One training programs cater for everyone (despite age, injury history, training background or even disability) we tailor our programs and your training experience to your needs.

Active Red runs its One-on-One training from:

560 Church St,

Richmond VIC

Cost is $75AUD per session.

If you can’t make it to us just click HERE for our online training options. We train members across Australia and Internationally.

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More Success Stories

Two clients of Active Red both reached the finals of the 2010 Fitness First New You Achievement Awards, Eliza Hull and Victoria Mitchell, with Victoria winning the Sport Category