Paquiao vs Marquez 3


When Manny Pacquiao and Juan-Manuel Marquez first met back in 2004, nobody could have expected it to be the amazing fight it turned out to be!

Pacquiao knocked Marquez down three times in the first round. One of Pacquiao’s hits came in so hard it broke Marquez’s nose! The fight seemingly was a shut-out and Marquez was lucky to have survived the first round – no one expected what was to come.

What was to follow in the remainder of the fight was amazing. Marquez timed Pacquiao’s punches and used his superior boxing and counterpunching to claw himself back into the fight. It ended in a draw....but both men fought with their hearts on their sleeve. It was a true, bloody battle.

In 2008 they had a hotly contested rematch. The fight went back and forth again, with Pacquiao scoring another knockdown early on. But Marquez would use his right to continuously counter the Filipino. The fight controversially ended up being awarded to Pacquiao.... with many believing Marquez did enough to win the fight.

This now brings us to the third fight of their trilogy. Many believe Pacquiao needs a convincing KO to prove he belongs in the upper echelons of the sport and to maintain his legacy. However, Marquez wants the world to know he has Manny's number and will dethrone him as p4p champ....

This will be an interesting fight which I have been looking forward to for a long time. !!


These two warriors will meet in the ring for a third time on Sunday November 12th (Australian time).


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My money is on Pacquiao. I don't think Marquez will be as competitive at the higher weight.